10 Pack - P2 Respirator Mask (Active Carbon Filter)

$8.00 $24.99

10 Pack - P2 Respirator Mask (Active Carbon Filter)

$8.00 $24.99
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  • SKU: D1121-10
  • Brand: RespaGuard
  • Type: 10 Pack - P2 Respirator Mask
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TGA Entry: 339585

Complies with: Australian Standard AS/NZS 1716:2012


- 5 layers of advanced filtration.

- Activated Carbon filter layer. 

- Adjustable metal nose mold for a stronger grip.

- Tight grip ear band to ensure a more sealed fit. 

- Unique design to easily form a seal around your face. 

Research has shown that Activated Carbon filters can help to filter out smoke, air pollution, odors, and some chemical particles up to 15 x more than the same masks without the active carbon filter.  


- Always follow the instructions on the packaging on how to place and use your respirator mask. 

- Please ensure you sanitize your hands with an appropriate hand sanitizer before touching the respirator masks.

- Please limit from touching or pulling your respirator mask below or above its designated resting place as the interior of the respirator mask may become contaminated. 

- Please ensure the bag is locked at all times when not taking a new respirator mask out to ensure no contaminates enter. 


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