RespaGuard was founded on the ambition of bringing the manufacturing of our essential masks and respirators back to Australia. When RespaGuard was founded back in March 2020, Australia at that point had no existing P2 Respirator Mask manufacturer and all of our respirators were exclusively sourced from overseas. Which is why at that point we made the ambition goal of changing Australia's status from being an importer to a manufacturer of these important products.  

We proudly make our Australian Made masks at our factory in Malaga, Western Australia and we work hard everyday to ensure that Australians all across the country have access to our masks. 

We are also working hard to get our products on the shelves of big retailers across Australia, so wherever you are you would have a quick and affordable access to our respirator masks when needed. In 2021 RespaGuard will also be expanding it's offerings to add more styles and models, this will allow our customers to have more choices in the type of masks they prefer to use.